the latest version of Wordle created for music fans

There’s a new daily game available online and you’re about to get hooked!

Introducing Heardle – inspired by Wordle (which has become so popular the New York Times bought it for over $1m) – the latest version all about music. 

Just like Wordle, you get given six attempts to guess what the answer of the day is. 

Players will be given a short snippet of a song intro – and with each incorrect answer, more of the song intro is played – 

First attempt: One second

Second attempt: Two seconds

Third attempt: Four seconds

Fourth attempt: Seven seconds

Fifth attempt: Eleven seconds

Sixth & Final attempt: Sixteen seconds

There’s one game per day and the website stores your scores.

Not bragging or anything, but we got today’s Heardle in one attempt…

If you’d like to give it a go, click here.

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