The questions you must ask when running a content marketing campaign

There are key questions you must ask when running a content marketing campaign for your business.

These include:

  • Who is producing my content and is it high quality?
  • Where is my content being published?
  • How many people are engaging with my content?

By being able to answer these questions – which we look at below – you give yourself a good understanding of how likely your content marketing campaign is to succeed.

Content creation

First up is the content creation. If you have poorly-produced content, you are unlikely to position your business as trustworthy or an industry leader.

Ensure your content is to a high standard that is aligned to the audience it is addressing.

For example: If you have an article that focuses on the banking sector, do not use a writer who has no experience with financial products or services.


Once your content has been created, you must ensure it is published on the right platforms.

Using the example of the banking sector: Place your content on business and finance platforms. This can include business and finance news websites, or media platforms that focus on finance.

If you place your content on the incorrect platform, you do not reach your target market.


How well your content performs provides great insight into whether it is high quality and if it is being published on the correct platforms.

How many unique reads or views the content receives, its reach on social media platforms, and whether it is being shared among your target audience are all top indicators.

Sponsored Articles

One of the most popular forms of content marketing is sponsored articles – also called advertorials or paid-for content placements.

Articles are the most trusted form of online advertising in South Africa, and allow companies to reach the market with well-constructed and insightful content.

This is according to the 2022 Digital Marketing Report.

The report also found that online articles and reviews are the most-used marketing channel by business decision makers and consumers looking for information on products and services they want to buy – making them highly effective.

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