Toyota Connect – Get Wi-Fi in your car, and so much more

Toyota Connect is a powerful service that gives drivers and passengers access to connectivity, convenience, and safety benefits in their car.

It is offered by Toyota South Africa as a business-to-customer and business-to-business solution – and comes standard with all Toyota and Lexus models manufactured from September 2019 onwards.

We take a look at the powerful features Toyota Connect has to offer users, below.

Wi-Fi in your car

A standout feature of Toyota Connect is that it turns your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This lets occupants connect their smartphones, tablets, and other devices to the Internet through their vehicle – perfect for work or long road trips.

This in-car Wi-Fi service is standard on all new Toyota and Lexus models, and includes 15GB of free data once-off when you activate it in the MyToyota App.

Users can then easily top up their data allocation when needed, from the MyToyota App or their banking app.

Digital logbook

Toyota Connect is integrated into your car’s electronics and feeds important data, such as mileage and drive time, to the MyToyota App.

This lets you control various features offered by Toyota Connect – including, but not limited to:

  • Live navigation
  • Car battery health monitoring
  • Real-time roadside assistance with impact detection
  • GPS location tracking
  • Digital logbook
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Driver monitoring and rating

A particularly important feature listed above is roadside assistance with impact detection.

This offers 24/7 access to the AA in case of an emergency, while the real-time battery health monitoring reduces your chances of being stranded and needing to call for help.

Equally important is the digital logbook that is stored in the MyToyota App.

The logbook allows users to automatically track their trips – including distance, and the time a journey took place.

You can then receive notifications when your car should have its next service, and book it in through the MyToyota App.

Business owners

Toyota has taken business owners into account, too, with the Toyota Connect platform.

The free MyToyota Fleet Lite App offers many benefits on top of the standard MyToyota App, all of which are aimed at small to medium enterprise (SME) owners.

This includes the ability to track and manage up to 50 Toyota Connect-equipped vehicles.

This allows managers to monitor driver behaviour and keep track of all their vehicles in a single, easy-to-use app.

Click here to learn more about Toyota Connect and the Toyota Fleet Lite app.

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