Traditional bobotie and yellow rice: Your auntie’s favourite

South Africa isn’t just about eating food from all around the world. We have some incredible local food and we love this one so much. Bobotie is a great South African dish that originated in the Western Cape. It’s the tasty combination of curried beef mince, topped with an egg crust, making a great, unique casserole. Traditional bobotie is a great meal to enjoy with your family any day of the week, especially during the upcoming winter months.

Making your traditional bobotie

When browning the beef mince in the pot, don’t overcrowd it because it will boil. This browning process or maillard reaction gives the mince some great flavour and adds to the whole dish. The recipe is also flavoured with apricot jam and provides some sweetness with the rest of the savoury dish. To make yellow rice, mix in a teaspoon of turmeric with your fluffy white rice.

A traditional family meal that keeps your heart and soul warm and cozy. A traditional bobotie is a crowd-pleaser any day of the week.

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