Turns out we’ve been singing Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ wrong this whole time

It turns out the lyrics we’ve been singing for ‘Firework’ have been wrong this WHOLE time…

Katy Perry has cleared things up for us in a video going viral from the latest season of American Idol, which she is judging alongside Lionel Ritchie and country singer Luke Bryan.

How did this all come about? Well, during a break between auditions, Luke Bryan did an impersonation of Katy’s ‘Firework’ to her as a tease. 

Things didn’t quite got his way as Katy hit back with a correction of his lyrics!

“It’s not ‘up up up,’ and it’s not ‘ah ah ah – It’s ‘awe awe awe.’ ‘A-W-E,’”


We will make sure to remember this one for our next karoake session!

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