What happened on 06 April?

Here’s a look at what happened on this day, 06 April, throughout history. We remember the news, events, and people that influenced the course of history forever.


2018 | Sixteen people were killed and 13 injured when a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos youth ice hockey team collided with a truck in Saskatchewan, Canada.

2017 | On this day, The US military fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase. Russia described the attacks as “aggression”, adding that they were damaging US-Russian relations.

2011 | In San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico, more than 193 victims of Los Zetas were exhumed from several cemeteries.

2009 | A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck near L’Aquila, Italy, and 307 people were killed.

2005 | Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani became Iraqi president; Shiite Arab Ibrahim al-Jaafari was named premier the next day.

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1988 | Australian footballer, Leigh Adams.

1869 | Armenian author, poet, and playwright, Levon Shant, died in 1951.

1978 | American baseball player, Blaine Neal.

1975 | American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter, Zach Braff.

1957 | Czech soprano and educator, Jaroslava Maxová.


2013 | Spanish director and screenwriter, Bigas Luna, 67.

2003 | American computer scientist and educator; founded Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, Anita Borg, 54.

2006 | American soldier and diplomat, Francis L. Kellogg, 89.

2015 | Italian lawyer and politician, Giovanni Berlinguer, 91.

1998 | German footballer, Norbert Schmitz, 40.


1991 | On this day in the First Division match, Chelsea went 0-3 down to Luton Town at Stamford Bridge after just 23 minutes but managed to draw 3-3.


2018 | On this day for the first time “The Miracle Season was released in the United States.


The genocide in Rwanda started when an airplane carrying Rwandan president Juvénal Habyarimana and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira was hit by a missile.

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