What happened on 07 March?

Here’s a look at what happened on this day, 07 March, throughout history. We remember the news, events, and people that influenced the course of history forever.


2009 | The Real Irish Republican Army killed two British soldiers and wounded two other soldiers and two civilians at the Massereene Barracks, the first British military death in Northern Ireland since the end of The Troubles.

2007 | The British House of Commons voted on this day to make the upper chamber, the House of Lords, 100% elected.

2006 | The Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist organisation organised a series of bombings in Varanasi, India.

1993 | Five of the seven crew members aboard died when the Thomas Hebert tugboat sank off the coast of New Jersey, USA.

1989 | Iran and Britain broke diplomatic ties after a fight over Salman Rushdie and his controversial novel, The Satanic Verses.


1949 | American football player, physician, and politician, Bradbury Robinson, 65.

2000 | American singer-songwriter, Pee Wee King, 86.

2014 | Israeli lawyer and politician, eighth Israeli Minister of Health, Victor Shem-Tov, 99.

2015 | Japanese author and illustrator, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, 80.

2006 | American photographer, director, and composer, Gordon Parks, 94.

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1980 | Canadian ice hockey player, Eric Godard.

1983 | Uruguayan footballer, Sebastián Viera.

1969 | Japanese race car driver, Hideki Noda.

1954 | Swedish bishop, Eva Brunne.

1955 | American football player, Tommy Kramer.


2000 | The ‘Forgotten Five’ finally gained their recognition on this day. Alan Ball, George Cohen, Roger Hunt, Nobby Stiles, and Ray Wilson became the last of England’s World Cup winners to be honored when they received their MBEs from the Queen at Buckingham Palace.


2003 | An American romantic comedy “Bringing Down the House” was released on this day in the United States.


The oldest Catholic religious building in Mozambique is the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte built-in 1522.

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