What happened on 27 April?

Here’s a look at what happened on this day, 27 April, throughout history. We remember the news, events, and people that influenced the course of history forever.


1910 |  Louis Botha and James Hertzog established the moderate nationalists South African Party promising equality for Britons and Boers

1950 | On this day, South Africa passed Group Areas Act segregating races.

2018 | The Panmunjom Declaration was signed by the two Koreas, and officially declared their intentions to end the Korean conflict.

2011 | The 2011 Super Outbreak devastated parts of the Southeastern United States, especially the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee. 205 tornadoes touched down on April 27 alone, more than 300 people killed and hundreds more injured.

2006 | Construction began on the Freedom Tower (later renamed One World Trade Center) in New York City.

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1969 | An African-American lawyer, and politician, Cory Booker.

1975 | American football player, Rabih Abdullah.

1941 | Turkish preacher and theologian, Fethullah Gülen.

1983 | American actress and producer, Ari Graynor.

1967 | Scottish-New Zealand actor, Erik Thomson.


2014 | Serbian footballer, coach, and manager, Vujadin Boškov, 83.

2017 | Indian actor, producer, and politician, Vinod Khanna,71.

1996 | American diplomat, 10th Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, 76.

1989 | A Japanese businessman, founded Panasonic, Konosuke Matsushita, 95.

2013 | Jin Luxian, Chinese bishop, Aloysius 97.


2019 | On this day Barcelona defeated Levante in a La Liga match, Leo Messi’s goal was enough and sealed Barcelona’s 26th La Liga title. 


2012 | On this day in the United States “The Five-Year Engagement” was released.


The first African country to gain independence is Liberia, declared independent in 1847 by the United States.

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