What’s on this NZSL Week in the Bay of Plenty

It’s New Zealand Sign Language Week, and there are some awesome events happening all over the country that you can be part of here in the Bay of Plenty.

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is essential for Deaf children and their families. It’s not only an official language, but also endangered in the same way that te reo Māori needs revitilisation, so too does NZSL. 

We want all kiwis to be involved this NZSL Week to make sure the beautiful language continues to grow.
Celebrate New Zealand Sign Language Week from the 9th – 15th of May alongside The Hits and why not check out the NZSL website here to learn a simple phrase that you can use in everyday life?


Click on the events below to check out more information!


New Zealand Sign Language Week 2022 mini webinars – Victoria University of Wellington
Tips for Collaborating with Deaf Adults in Early Intervention
You are invited to celebrate NZSL with our Storytellers (National)



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