Wife laughed in husband’s face over prenup request … but was she in the wrong?

A married woman in the US took to Reddit forum AITA, which stands for Am I the A**hole, to get opinions on whether she was in the wrong in the way she reacted to a discussion with her husband over their existing prenuptial agreement.

The 32-year-old woman started her lengthy post with the heading: “AITA for laughing in my husband’s face?” She then launched into her story, explaining that she and her husband had been married for six years. When they had first married her husband was working full-time, earning a good salary and she was still studying. Her husband insisted on a prenuptial agreement “stating that our financials would always be separate and the only thing we would share was an expense account to pay for household-related fees”, she explained. His wife-to-be was happy to sign it at the time,” I understood he wanted to protect himself”.

After six years, however, the situation had changed. The woman had completed her studies and was earning really good money, estimating that she now earned “3 times as much as he does”. It seems that her husband was not aware of how much his wife’s financial situation had improved until she decided to buy a new car.

The issue of the prenup came up when the wife decided to buy a new car. Photo / Getty Images
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“He wasn’t really interested and just told me to get whatever I liked. So a week ago I decided to make the plunge and get an Audi,” the woman said, sharing that she had always wanted one of their top-end European vehicles.

The husband seemed fine with the vehicle purchase, however, was obviously wondering about how she could afford it as he later asked for details. “He asked me what my monthly payments were as the Audi was pretty new … at this point, I told him that I had made the purchase in cash and that I had no monthly payments.” His wife told him she could easily afford the car, a fact which clearly took her husband by surprise, based on what he did next.

“After a few hours he came back to me and told me that he thinks we should void the prenup”, she explained.

“This is where I might be the a**hole. I laughed in his face and asked him why I would agree to that.” The husband then stated that as they are married they should share financials. She disagreed and even went so far as to tell her husband that his change of heart was “suspicious”. He then “called me a bunch of names and stormed out”.

The argument left the woman wondering if she was in the wrong, or indeed if she was the a**hole in the situation. Forum warriors were very quick to side with the woman, making it very clear that they believed she was in the right and some going so far as to question the health of her marriage.

Comments on the forum were fully supportive of the woman, and led her to question the health of her marriage. Photo / Getty Images
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“Not gonna lie, you two don’t sound like partners. you sound like you’re against each other in life,” one person remarked, “take this change of heart as the red flag that it is and consider how you want to proceed.”

“They sound more like roommates that share some intimate moments than two people who have been married for 6 years,” exclaimed another.

In a shock twist, the woman posted a follow-up to her post saying: “This post has really made me question everything in my life… I was too caught up in school, work, and debt to really see that my marriage was a sham… I am going to have a conversation with my husband and see where we go from here if anywhere.”

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.

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