YouTuber Nozibele’s new TV show sparks debate

A new reality TV show that is aimed at helping to end the stigma around HIV has sparked a lot of debate on social media, as tweeps feel it is “too invasive”.

The show titled Yes, I Have HIV, will be airing on DSTV’s Honey Africa TV channel and will be hosted by YouTuber and activist, Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba.


According to Drum Magazine, Nozibele, who is also an author, was diagnosed with HIV in 2013. After her diagnosis, she made it her mission to hold open conversations about her journey living with the virus.

Teasing her new project on Instagram, Nozibele wrote last month:

“Remember that project I told you about? The one that’s close to my heart? I can’t wait to show you what God is doing in our lives. We’re changing lives, one person at a time.”

Later in the month she announced the show, sharing a bit about how lonely it was for her when she found out her HIV status.

“I have joined @honeyafricatv as a host for a brand new show called Yes, I have HIV,” she began.

“I hid my status from my family for many years because I was afraid of the stigma, judgement and even rejection from everyone. The journey was lonely and heartbreaking. I don’t want anyone else to go through the same. I want to help you,” Nozibele continued.

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Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela took to Twitter on Friday 8 July to ask fans what their views were regarding the show. Asking: “Reality TV content being REAL or too invasive?”

In response, several netizens seemed to think that the show is too invasive. However, others argued that it was time HIV was treated like other illnesses.

“ other people go around telling others that they’ve Diabetes and hypertension?” one tweep asked.

“No no no no no No!!. It’s invasive! People with HIV are discriminated [against] all the time, shamed even mocked. South Africa is not ready for this. It never will be… These people deserve to be advised and their identities kept private not this,” another tweep quipped.

“I’ve lost so many loved ones because HIV is such a ‘hush hush’ topic. It’s important that you feel comfortable to tell your loved ones so you can get the support and encouragement you need. It’s important for you to know that it’s okay and that there are people out there living…” another tweep responded.

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