Zodwa Wabantu takes off undies in Nelspruit [video]

Entertainer Zodwa Wabantu caused a social media stir last night (25 December) when she took off her underwear during a performance in Nelspruit on Christmas Day.

The entertainer is seen removing her panty mid-performance in the viral video.


Local entertainer Zodwa Wabantu found herself on the trends list this weekend after a video of her taking off her panties live on stage in Nelspruit on Christmas Day went viral.  

A fan of the entertainer shared the video on Twitter and tweeps weighed in.   

The video was described by some social media users as uncomfortable to watch, while some applauded her for being herself.  

In the video, the star can be seen pulling down her underwear while dancing and throwing the panties to the crowd.  

Zodwa herself shared a video of herself performing at the Nelspruit gig on Instagram.  

She captioned the video:

“One msunu poster woman. Sold out Nelspruit.”

“Merry Christmas is hard work for Zodwa Wabantu.”  

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This is not the first time that Zodwa takes off her undies for a crowd during a performance.   

She also removed her panties on stage in 2017, in October and earlier this month (December).   

She was once requested by the Zimbabwean government to wear underwear for a performance at the Harare International Carnival in September 2017.  

The Zimbabwean Tourism Authority announced that she was required to wear underwear for the performance.

Zodwa refused to wear her underwear even after the government pleaded with her.

The Tourism Authority stated that the traditional leaders in attendance would be offended if she did not cover up her entire body.

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Though her Nelspruit audience seems to be enjoying her performance in the video tweeps are divided on her half-naked performance.   

While some commended Zodwa for spreading sex and body positivity, others expressed concern over the video.  

@CarterMakaz: “Zodwa is growing old and very soon she will be out of the game so it’s the right time for her to cash in”.

@MalathonBeep: “The cameraman ain’t moving an inch, he’s so waiting for the right moment to happen”.

@MndeniZola: “I don’t understand why are people playing holy or detective with Zodwa’s kuku.”

“It’s her choice if you don’t like it or agree with her then watch other people’s content.” 

@AzaniaR1: “I’m so disappointed, she’s a porn star don’t want to see her on my TV screen again.” 

@MrsSupersaiyan: “Honestly what she is doing is just bringing the strip club to the people. Stripping is a job for many. Let’s move along.” 

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