Zola warns people against scammers impersonating him

Zola 7 warns people against fraudsters impersonating him in other to receive the financial assistance meant for him.

The musician’s manager, Siki Kunene revealed how a victim of fraud opened up to them.

“Yesterday in the morning, someone came to the house and woke us up to give us the proof of payment. But we realised that they paid the money into a wrong account,” she said.

“For now, that’s the only person we are aware of that has been scammed. I also came across a group on social media where there were wrong banking details,” she said.

“People should rather call or WhatsApp me. That’s why Bonginkosi gave out the number so people have direct contact with me and know that they are sending to the right person. Otherwise, they can go to his social media pages and they will see the correct details,” said Siki.


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